The Saddle Fitter Pad

Saddle Fitter 4 Pocket Half Pad 8 Shock Absorbing Shims

Cotton half pad with top loading insert pockets. Sheepskin base provides spine free clearance. Sheepskin front roll gives you a bit of fashion. Full selection of both ThinLine and Ultra ThinLine gives you and your horse protection and comfort.

The Saddle Fitter Pad comes with two front and two rear shims in ThinLine 1/4 inch and two front and two rear shims in Ultra ThinLine 3/16 inch. This multi purchase package allows you to quickly and easily stack shims where they are needed for lift or to accommodate asymmetric horses or riders. Easy top opening pockets allow you to make fast tack changes.

If your saddle is fitting well simply add a full set of either ThinLine (for the most protection) or Ultra ThinLine (will protect without compromising custom saddle fit).

This is a great product for riders who ride multiple horses and need to create perfect saddle fit. Also great for riders who find they need to alter saddle fit on green horses just developing top line. With both levels of ThinLine provided this saddle pad gives you the protection and versatility you and your horse deserve.

Black or White. One size. Will fit 17 to 18.5 inch saddles.

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