Pro-Tech West Barrel

Our best western saddle pad, hands down.
The Pro-Tech Western Felt pad is made of 1/2 inch wool felt with a layer of 1/4 inch ThinLine = 3/4 inch protection for your horses back.
This is a performance-enhancing product guaranteed to make your horses go better and make backs more comfortable.
This pad eliminates pitch, roll and yaw of the saddle.
ThinLine pads provide the most comfort, protection, and shock absorption for you and your horse.
ThinLine products will assist in saddle fit (this pad is shimmable) and are no slip. For inserts please click here.
The Pro-Tech Barrel Pad measures 28" along the spine, 29" across the shoulder and 23" across the seat.
We guarantee The Pro-Tech protects your horses back and improves performance. Made in the USA.

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