ThinLine Cobra (SMB)

ThinLine Cobra (SMB)

ThinLine vents heat so tendons stay cooler. It is also infused with USDA approved anti-fungal agents to allow for use on multiple horses. Cobra boots are extremely slim compared to traditional Sport Medicine Boots, horses look neat and trim. The favorite boot of reining riders like Mike McEntire and Jon Ingram, this boot protects, holds up and gives you a much thinner, cleaner look in the show ring. It is easy to care for and is far more durable than its neoprene competitors.

Available in Black or White. Small, Medium,Large, and XLarge.

SMALL: - 9" tall by 9.5" wide
MEDIUM: 9.5" tall by 9.75" wide
LARGE: 10" by 10.25" wide
XTra LARGE: 10.5" tall by 11.25" wide

Care Instructions: Cobra boots can be hosed or sponged off with water or wiped down with ThinLine Cleaners. They can be machine washed, any machine with no agitator, with a mild detergent. Hang boots to dry.

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