T/L Western Square
  • T/L Western Square

    ThinLine pads provide the most comfort, protection, and shock absorption for you and your horse in a thin no slip pad. ThinLine products will assist in saddle fit. This is a performance-enhancing product guaranteed to make your horses go better and to make your back more comfortable. Purchase the ThinLine (1/4") square pad if you ride trail, working, or gaming horses, young or sensitive backed horses. Equine performance guaranteed or your money back!
    Protect Your Horses Back
    Exceptional Breathability
    Stabilizes the saddle for less pitch, roll or yaw
    Product Durability (most pads last 7 years)
    Improved Saddle-Fit & Anti-Slip Defense
    This pad is measures a 30" x 30" square. Also available in a 30"x32"
    Made in the USA.

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