Hoof Pads

Hoof Pads

A simple solution for horses with any degree of discomfort. or if you simply want to keep your horses sounder longer. Works great in any boot, under any wrap, or with any shoeing method. ThinLine hoof pads pads relieve many arthritic joint and hoof … read more
diseases including navicular and founder.

ThinLine Hoof Pads provide shock absorption for the whole horse! There are multiple ways to use a ThinLine Hoof pad, each depends on your specific shoeing needs:

You may use another plastic pad over the TL pad or shoe it alone.
Works great for any horse, we all love a "shoe insole" for everyday comfort!
For horses with sore soles use with any wrap product.
Barefoot Horses: Trim the pads to size, they work great with factory-made boots, EZ Boot, Davis Boot, Boa Boot, Ice Horse Boot, Cavallo Boot

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