Cordura Rounded Skirt
  • Cordura Rounded Skirt

    The ThinLine Western Cordura is made of high-quality synthetic sheepskin against the horse to absorb sweat, a high grade wool felt fill, topped with Cordura. Designed to be lightweight and durable enough for everyday use.

    Panels of 3/16” thick Ultra ThinLine performance foam are sewn on each side of the cotton pad spine, creating a spine free channel and a 4.5″ wither profile to accommodate varying wither types.
    – Ultimate protection for both your back and your horse’s back
    – Shimmable for fine tuning saddle fit
    – Encourages horses to lift and engage through the back
    – High quality wear leathers for durability
    – Quiets rider movement, clearing the way for better communication and connection using lighter aids
    – Single unit solves slipping issues by eliminating the need for two pads and keeps the ThinLine right where you need it
    – Comfortable wither profile. ThinLine designs pads with a 4.5 inch wither profile and a swallow back allowing the pad to sit comfortably on any horse.
    Colours Available

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